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May 3, 2018

Ver-Mac Deployed an Automated Queue Warning System on the I-4 in Florida

In April, Ver-Mac has partnered with SGL Constructors to provide an Automated Queue Warning System (AQW) on the I-4 “Ultimate” project in Orlando, FL, the largest road work project ever seen in Florida.

Ver-Mac deployed portable traffic sensorscamera trailers and advanced warning message signs conveying real-time queue warnings for approaching motorists, all interconnected as part of smart work zone. Historically, real-time queue warning systems have reduced rear-end type crashes approaching construction road work areas by 18-45% and result in safer travel and less overall traffic delays.

The traffic sensors utilize side-fire microwave radars that can get traffic data on a lane-by-lane basis for both directions of travel.

Ver-Mac is excited to be providing this life saving technology on this project.

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Here are a few pictures, courtesy of the Florida Department of Transportation: