Powering Smart Work Zones

What if you could use software to not only manage your equipment fleet, but also reduce the risk of accidents, improve traffic flow, reduce road rage, and so much more? Tried, tested, and continuously perfected, Ver-Mac’s JamLogic for Smart Work Zones is the robust tool that powers our various smart work zone applications. 


What is a Smart Work Zone?

Smart Work Zones improve safety and increase mobility. They are portable Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) utilized in and approaching roadway construction areas. These systems make roads safer for workers and motorists by increasing awareness before drivers reach a work zone or a congested area. 

Automated, real-time messages help improve traffic flow, reduce queues, manage orderly lane merges, and allow drivers to be well-informed about possible delays or alternate route options.

Main Smart Work Zone Applications:

Queue Warning Systems (QWS) warn drivers of downstream traffic congestion when it occurs and reduce the potential for rear-end collisions. 

Dynamic Late (Zipper) Merges help drivers utilize all available roadway capacity and provide speed harmonization. They reduce queues and often result in less aggressive driving. This system guides motorists to share the road and take turns merging when there are congested traffic conditions. 

Travel Time/Alternate Route Suggestion systems inform motorists of travel (or delay) times through the work zone to a downstream landmark/roadway, etc. This system helps drivers make the best route choices at key decision points when their designated route experiences heavy congestion. 

The Truck Entry System warns motorists that slow-moving trucks are about to merge into traffic, helping to avoid collisions. These systems act like mini queue warning systems. 

Historically, these have been isolated systems with no connection to the cloud, but now, these warning devices can be connected. This will ensure that the system’s health is monitored. 

Other Applications

Digital Work Zone Speed Limit & Variable Speed Limit signs that semi-automatically or automatically adjust based on downstream traffic data or the presence of road workers exposed to live traffic.

Speed Awareness with automatic speed feedback messages. When connected with a modem, these signs can and should bring back historical traffic data to allow compliance checks and possibly targeted and/or automated speed enforcement.


Overheight Vehicle Detection systems to automatically alert drivers that they should stop or take an alternate route if their oversized vehicle exceeds an upcoming structure’s clearance height or width.

How does JamLogic Work?

State-of-the-art technology is used to collect real-time traffic data (counts, speeds, and congestion). This data is then analyzed by our JamLogic software. We’ve applied our vast experience to develop proven logic algorithms to perform these analyses.

Real-time messages, warnings and alerts are then automatically pushed to strategically placed portable changeable message signs, digital work zone speed limit signs, and warning flashers along the road upstream of work zones and areas of concern.




Data Collection

JamLogic software wirelessly collects real-time traffic data via high-speed modems from a variety of field-sensing devices. Our software can also utilize or combine common third-party traffic flow data sources. 




The JamLogic server then analyzes this data based on project-specific algorithms. The logic and messages are predetermined and approved by the project engineer or agency. 



Automated Information

Finally, JamLogic automates the messages and provides real-time information to the motoring public via connected vehicles and navigation systems such as Waze, as well as to project managers, agencies, Traffic Management Centres (TMCs) and public websites. 

Incident alerts can also be sent to key stakeholders via emails and/or text. All system data can also be provided in a real-time API data feed utilizing the most current version of the FHWA’s Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx).

Ver-Mac Ver-Mac


Communicating real-time information, gathering a wealth of data, receiving alerts for maintenance and more, JamLogic takes managing smart work zones to another level.


  • Scalable, flexible and customizable systems
  • Unlimited users/various levels of access

Real-Time Information

  • Speed data from multiple sources
  • Travel info & weather data
  • Dynamic messaging
  • Streaming video with PTZ control
  • Communication & power (battery/solar) status and diagnostics
  • Optional public website
  • Optional automated email or text alerts

Data at Your Fingertips

  • Interactive GPS device mapping & listings
  • Transparent data logging & history data
  • Sensor, sign and event history

Interactive GPS device mapping & listings

Streaming video with PTZ control

Speed data from multiple sources

Communication & power (battery/solar) status and diagnostics

Benefits of JamLogic for Smart Work Zones

Whether it’s making roads safer, saving costs due to incidents, or analyzing data and putting it to use, JamLogic makes it easy and accessible.

Increased Safety

    • Increased driver and worker safety
    • Cost savings due to reduced incidents
    • Quicker incident response and improved mobility

Easier Project Management

    • Real-time project visibility
    • Better understanding of traffic conditions 

Reporting and Accountability

    • Data analysis at your fingertips
    • Data accessible in monthly, weekly, daily & hourly reports
    • Standard & custom reports you can export to Excel 
    • Optional interactive web-based heatmaps to see historical congestion quickly and the speeds and associated work zone messages quickly and easily

On Connected Work Zones

Ver-Mac equipment can and should be connected to the cloud to provide remote monitoring and historical logs. See our Connected Work Zones section to find out more about connected Ver-Mac devices. We also offer options for non-Ver-Mac devices, so you can use one single software to manage your entire traffic control equipment fleet.

Connected Work Zone

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Why Choose JamLogic by Ver-Mac?

  • Decades of successful smart work zone deployments. We are industry leaders and have deployed more projects than all other providers since 1999
  • Peace of mind knowing your smart work zone is managed with the industry’s best. Our state-of-the-art software is constantly being perfected thanks to our team of software engineers.
  • Save time with a turnkey solution. Ver-Mac offers both the hardware and software for your smart work zones.
  • The Ver-Mac team supports you through pre-design, on-site deployment and continued support throughout your project.


« A tremendous amount of data collection for planning, tracking and safety concerns. My customers use it on a daily basis to access specific pertinent information that can be disseminated into many data points for them. Ease of access, relatively user-friendly, virtually unlimited possibilities for data collection. »
Jeff Scott

Strategic Vendor Manager/Senior Account Manager, RoadSafe

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