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Light Towers

Keep your work zones well lit after nightfall with our light towers. Powered by solar panels and high-performance batteries, they are silent and provide high-performance lighting without glare or gas emissions. Provide a safer work environment while reducing your operating costs.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Do your light towers cost a bundle in fuel and maintenance

Our autonomous, solar-powered light towers don’t need to be refueled and require little maintenance.

Are your teams wasting precious time turning your portable light towers on and off

Our smart control system lets you set automatic on/off times as well as the desired power

Your workers don’t like the noise and fuel emissions from the generator used to power your light towers?

Our light towers do not make any noise nor emit any exhaust gases.

Benefits for Your Business

Excellent Return on Investment

Excellent Return on Investment

Rely on energy-efficient light towers that will reduce your operating costs while improving your work efficiency.

Zero Emissions

Zero Emissions

Improve your teams’ working conditions with light towers that do not emit any noise, odors or polluting emissions.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Provide a safe, optimally lit work environment with light towers that require little maintenance or management.





Made in Canada
Made in USA

EN 12966 - European certification