Whether it’s to communicate crucial information during an emergency, set up checkpoints or improve traffic flow, Ver-Mac’s versatile equipment does it all and more. Our public safety customers include police forces, fire services, emergency medical services and government agencies. Discover how our robust product line can meet your needs.

Public Safety Applications

Emergency Service

Traffic calming, traffic direction, natural disasters


Traffic calming, checkpoints, amber alerts


School zones, announcements, traffic calming

Military Bases

Special events, temporary traffic control, announcements


Emergency repairs, parking lots, lane/road/bridge closures

The Ver-Mac Difference


In an emergency, every minute counts and information needs to be deployed quickly.

remote management

JamLogic software allows real-time message management from any location.

not reliable

How reliable is your equipment?


Robust and energy-efficient, our high-quality equipment is built in our vertically-integrated plants with ISO standards.

repair required

Get back up and running quickly if troubleshooting or repairs are required.

dedicated Customer Support Team

We have the most dedicated Customer Support Team in the Industry. Most parts are made by Ver-Mac and ready to ship for swift repairs.

Remote message management

Publish and change emergency messages in minutes, anytime, anywhere.

Maximum autonomy minimal maintenance

Maximum autonomy and minimal maintenance save precious resources: time, money, and energy.

Customer support

Our in-house Customer Support team knows our products inside out. Faster solutions mean increased efficiency and peace of mind.

Ease of Purchase

We get it. Purchasing for a government agency can be a lengthy process: meeting required specs, finding the right product, bidding, obtaining funding and more.

We strive to make the process as simple as possible through:

Various purchasing contracts

Available spec sheets

Links to grants and resources

Dedicated Government Relations Manager


« Our long-term relationship illustrates the high-quality products and five-star service Ver-Mac continues to deliver year after year. »
Bryan D. Schmitt


« JamLogic saves a tremendous amount of time, allowing programming and maintenance to be done remotely. Being able to restart a controller remotely, pull data, and set up watchdogs is extremely valuable. It’s an indispensable daily tool. »
Jeff Vickery

VP of ITS & equipment sales

Northeast Traffic

« I would describe Ver-Mac’s products as robust, reliable, user friendly and built to last regardless of the elements. Their products meet and exceed our expectations. »
Ryan O'Keefe

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