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  • The highest quality standards in the industry
  • Exceptional durability & reliability
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Minimal maintenance, maximal ROI
  • Connected, futureproof
  • Remote equipment management with our JamLogic software
  • A focus on innovation
Message sign on a work zone

Portable Changeable Message Signs

Rely on our portable changeable message signs (PCMSs) to communicate your messages simply and effectively. Available in different sizes, with three-line or full-matrix displays, they are designed for all types of work zones. Energy-efficient, robust, and connected, they offer an excellent ROI.

Arrow board on a work zone

Arrow Boards

Clearly indicate lane closures with our arrow boards. Available in different sizes and configurations, all our models are convertible into connected arrow boards that can communicate closures to motorists, government agencies and operations managers in real time.

Speed sign on a work zone

Speed Signs

Combining a message sign and speed radar, our speed signs contribute to road safety around work zones, school zones, and other high-risk areas. They come in different sizes, offer various display options, and are managed via a touchscreen controller or remotely.

Temporary Traffic signals on a work zone

Temporary Traffic Signals

Manage traffic around your work zone safely and efficiently with our temporary traffic signals. Our models are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to adapt your traffic management plans to different contexts. Reliable and connected, they combine energy efficiency and quality manufacturing.

Automated flaggers on a work zone
Automated flaggers on a work zone

Automated Flaggers

Our trailer-mounted and hitch-mounted automated flaggers are designed to keep your workers safely away from traffic. Mandatory on Quebec roads with speed limits above 45 MPH, automated flaggers significantly reduce accidents.

Light Towers

Light Towers

Keep your work zones well lit after nightfall with our light towers. Powered by solar panels and high-performance batteries, they are silent and provide high-performance lighting without glare or gas emissions. Provide a safer work environment while reducing your operating costs.

Solar-Powered Platforms

Solar-Powered Platforms

Switch to solar power. Our high-performance, robust, and versatile solar-powered platforms can run your surveillance, security, lighting and other systems autonomously.

Mobile Surveillance Cameras

Mobile Surveillance Cameras

Make your work zone more secure with our surveillance cameras. Featuring a telescopic mast and compact design, our models are easy to install and can be managed remotely.

Traffic sensor

Traffic Sensors

Collect as much traffic data as possible around your work zone with our trailer-mounted traffic sensors. Equipped with our JamLogic software, this equipment is ideal for traffic studies or Smart Work Zones.