Arrow Boards

Clearly indicate lane closures with our arrow boards. Available in different sizes and configurations, all our models are convertible into connected arrow boards that can communicate closures to motorists, government agencies and operations managers in real time.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Is your equipment costing a bundle to operate? Do your batteries keep getting stolen

Lower your operating costs with our energy-efficient, autonomous equipment. Our maintenance-free batteries are sealed and hidden under the device.

Do you need to buy new equipment to stay at the leading edge of technology? 

Our smart arrow boards always stay cutting-edge through simple software updates.

Are your arrow boards hard to tow and set up

Setting up is easy with the ergonomic and safe design of our single-mast arrow boards.

Benefits for Your Business

Excellent Return on Investment

Excellent Return on Investment

Reduced maintenance costs, breakage, theft and energy costs: Our LED arrow boards are a cost-effective investment.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Limit your financial risks and protect your workers with equipment you can rely on to stay operational.

Technological Adaptability

Technological Adaptability

Convert your classic arrow boards into connected arrow boards equipped with the latest technology.





Made in Canada
Made in USA

EN 12966 - European certification