Speed Signs

Combining a message sign and speed radar, our speed signs contribute to road safety around work zones, school zones, and other high-risk areas. They come in different sizes, offer various display options, and are managed via a touchscreen controller or remotely.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

workers danger

Are your workers exposed to the danger of motorists approaching at excessive speeds?

encourage slow down

Our innovative connected speed signs encourage drivers to slow down and can warn motorists in advance via Waze.

batteries stolen

Do your speed sign batteries keep getting stolen?

batteries hidden

Enjoy peace of mind with our sealed, maintenance-free batteries hidden under the device. 

speed radar

Are you having difficulty managing your speed radars?

manage your devices remotely

Make your teams’ work easier with our intuitive touchscreen controller, and manage your devices remotely with our JamLogic software.

Benefits for Your Business

Greater Safety

Greater Safety

Our signs lessen the risk of a collision for your workers and motorists. Studies show that connected speed radars get motorists to reduce their speed by 5 to 7 mp/h.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Less maintenance, theft and breakage: Reduce your financial risks with equipment that's always operational.

Technological Adaptability

Technological Adaptability

Invest in state-of-the-art equipment that can integrate the latest technological advances through simple updates.


Made in Canada
Made in USA

EN 12966 - European certification