Solar-Powered Platforms

Switch to solar power. Our high-performance, robust, and versatile solar-powered platforms can run your surveillance, security, lighting and other systems autonomously.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Having trouble finding an autonomous power platform that can run all your equipment?

Our versatile solution can accommodate most desired power levels and mast heights.

Was your last power platform unable to withstand shocks and bad weather

Robust, stable and reliable, our trailer-mounted solar-powered platforms won’t let you down.

Does your power platform cost too much to operate and maintain?  

Powered by solar energy, our platforms do not require gas. They are autonomous and eco-responsible.

Benefits for Your Business

Highly Adaptable

Highly Adaptable

Choose the power platform that will serve you for years to come, whatever your activities in the work zone.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Avoid service interruptions with our autonomous, maintenance-free solar-powered platforms that do not emit pollutants.

Excellent Return on Investment

Excellent Return on Investment

Since our platforms do not require refueling or maintenance, your investment will quickly pay for itself.





Made in Canada
Made in USA

EN 12966 - European certification