RMA – Parts Repair Request


Shipping Parts to Canada

Yes, we are in Canada! Do not stress; we will walk you through the entire process. We want to ensure the best service possible by keeping the process simple.

First, please take a few minutes and read over our warranty policy; it will help you determine if a part is covered under warranty and will ensure there are no complications or surprises in the future.


RMA request for warranty and non-warranty repairs

Step 1: Please complete our RMA request form below. Provide as much information as possible in the description of the problem. This will help us with the repair and/or determine if the part is to be replaced under warranty.

Step 2: Submit the form. You will receive an email stating that your request has been received, and a ticket number will be assigned to your request.

Step 3: An agent will contact you shortly after receiving the request. In the email, you will receive the ticket number, a small summary of the request and the outcome. 

  • If the replacement is covered under warranty, we will ship the part at no charge and provide a pre-paid UPS return label to return the defective part.
  • If you are sending parts that are not under warranty for repair, shipping costs are not covered by Ver-Mac. We will provide you with the RMA document and the customs information, including the value and description of the returned parts.

    You’ll then be able to copy this exact information onto your courier’s form. Also, it is very important to specify that the parts are manufactured in Canada.

Note: Canada is considered International, so we cannot issue call tags.

Step 4: Receiving the part / Returning the part(s) to Ver-Mac.

For warranty, when your new part has been received, please use the pre-paid UPS return label, and return the defective part to Ver-Mac within 30 days. If we do not receive it, we will issue an invoice for the price of a new part.

For repairs not covered by the warranty, the part(s) must be shipped prepaid with the RMA number clearly marked OUTSIDE of the box. This will ensure that the part is given to our repair department as soon as it’s been received. Once the repair has been fixed, we will ship the part(s) back. The invoice will contain both the repair fees and the shipping cost for the return.

Note: We cannot quote shipping charges before shipping; there are too many variables (weight, size, changing costs, etc.) to give an accurate quote. The actual shipping amount appears only on your final bill.

Important: Ver-Mac is not responsible for any damage that happens during shipping; please make sure you pack the part securely.

  • Complete the form below

  • Please enter your purchase order number in order for us to proceed with your request.