PSLT-6000Trailer-Mounted solar light tower

Ver-Mac’s PSLT-6000 is a compact and powerful portable solar light tower. It is visually as bright, effective and compact as conventional diesel light towers, without costing thousands of dollars every year in fuel and labor. The PSLT-6000 features Ver-Mac’s exclusive Nightbrite technology, which provides a brighter, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective lighting system. The PSLT-6000’s compact design and lighting efficiency makes it ideal for lighting construction work zone, parking lot, special events, emergency response and oil and mining applications.


  • Nightbrite technology – Innovative proprietary LED fixture design provides 40% increased brightness using the same power consumption, compared to other solar light tower systems.
  • Clear and Bright LED lamps – Long-lasting and durable LED lamps provide targeted lighting with minimal light pollution and reduced glare.
  • Intelligent controller – Schedule and control the brightness and length of your lighting event. Ver-Mac’s easy-to-use selector switch provides multiple brightness and timing settings.
  • Compact design – Easy to move around and set up
  • Power platform – Robust power platform combined with energy-efficient Nightbrite technology provides year-round autonomy in most applications. No recharging required!
  • Low cost of ownership – Eliminate fuel, fuel labor, engine maintenance, and sodium light replacement costs, and save thousands of dollars per year
  • 25.5’ telescopic mast with solar tilt – Adjustable and rotatable mast design combined with solar tilt provides quick and easy set-up and installation
  • Environmentally friendly – No fuel emissions and engine noise to harm the environment
  • Foldable & lockable tongue – Reducing operation & storage footprint for limited space areas and protecting the trailer from being towed by unauthorized people.


  • LED lamps: 6 adjustable fixtures
  • Luminosity: up to 63,000 lumens total
  • Batteries: 940 A/h wired in a 24-volt system
  • Battery charger: 40 amp
  • Solar panels: 900 watts total / 320-degree rotation & 60-degree tilt
  • Mast: 25.5’ (7.7m) painted orange
  • 4 outriggers for trailer stabilization


  • Operating length: 134 in (3407 mm)
  • Operating width: 96 in (2445 mm)
  • Operating height: 306 in (7777 mm)
  • Traveling length: 128 in (3251 mm)
  • Traveling width: 82 in (2075 mm)
  • Traveling height: 108 in (2750 mm)


  • 1-year warranty on complete trailers
  • 2-year warranty on electronic components manufactured by Ver-Mac