TLG-1408Trolley-Mounted traffic signals

Ver-Mac’s TLG-1408 is a battery powered portable traffic signal trolley set with a traffic signal head on each trolley. TLG-1408 comes with 8 in (203 mm) LED lamps and features our V-Touch TLG controller and V-SWAP system. Both units are timed and use GPS for synchronization. TLG-1408 is the perfect set of traffic signals for simple short term applications.
V-Touch TLG controller Learn more


  • V-Touch TLG controller – Intuitive icons for quick and easyprogramming—no training required
  • V-SWAP system – Allows to remove and charge batteries without having to stop the signal on an active job
  • GPS time synchronization – Ensures that the time on the two signals operate in unison
  • Telescopic mast – For quick, easy and effortless deployment


Our TLG-1408 traffic signals can be equipped with two 12-volt batteries. The signal operates on one battery with an auxiliary battery back-up. The V-SWAP system recognizes low voltages and automatically switches to the auxiliary battery. It allows users to remove and charge batteries without having to stop the signal on an active job.


Add a solar panel kit to your traffic signals and get more autonomy from them!


  • Overall length: 32 in. (824 mm)
  • Overall width: 23 in. (587 mm)
  • Travelling height: 81 in. (2054 mm)
  • Operating height: 137 in. (3480 mm)
  • Weight (approx.)*: 309 lb (140 kg)
    *Weight including batteries


  • 12-volt batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Countdown display
  • Red indicator backlight
  • Solar panel kit
Other options are available to meet your needs.


  • 1-year on complete trolleys
  • 2-years on electronic components manufactured by Ver-Mac