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March 25, 2022

JamLogic Updates

Remote Activation of Portable Traffic Signals

Portable traffic signals used to have to be activated and deactivated in person. Our customers asked to be able to do this remotely, and it is now possible. JamLogic allows you to save time and conveniently activate and deactivate traffic signals remotely.

Traffic signals

See Which Units Are Connected to Waze

Most Ver-Mac units provide the option of pushing work zone data to Waze, such as speed limits, lane merges, and work zone start and end points. JamLogic now shows a Waze icon next to units that are pushing data, so you can see which units are connected to Waze at a glance.

Connected to Waze

Enhanced Security with Improved Encryption

With cybercriminality always on the rise, we’ve added an extra layer of encryption to JamLogic’s Client Server Communication Security for enhanced safety. So your data, and your partners’ data, is even more secure.


Better integration of MS Edge browser

Following updates on Microsoft Edge, we have updated JamLogic to ensure a smooth experience when using this browser. This will help make sure that content is free of bugs and displays correctly.

MS Edge

Clear Overview: Congestion and Queue Report

Project managers, DOT data analysts and other relevant parties can easily find out how much congestion a work zone may cause in a day. Congestion events and queue length are logged, pulled into PDF format, and can be scheduled to be emailed daily, weekly, or monthly.


Always WZDx-Compliant

Our data feed is WZDx-compliant and ready to be shared with DOTs, the TMC and more. Ver-Mac sits on WZDx committees and is always up to speed on updates. This means we can implement updates to our data collection as changes happen in the WZDx. We’re always up to date.

WZDx Work Zone Data exchange

Personalized Fleet Tracking

Many companies identify their units with their own numbers. You can now enter your personalized asset numbers in JamLogic to personalize and simplify fleet tracking.

fleet tracking

Select Multiple Devices to Update

If you need to change properties on multiple units of your fleet, you no longer update each unit individually. Change location, road description, direction, parameters, etc. across your devices quickly by selecting many units at once.