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Discover the hardware used in Smart Work Zones

Smart Work Zones can use other connected work zone hardware to automate speed limits and advanced warnings. These include, but are not limited to: connected arrow boards, Worker Presence Connected Vests, and more.

Connected Arrow Boards

Imagine automating a message sign to indicate which lane is closed downstream by connecting an arrow board. Connected arrow boards could also be used to lower upstream speed limits only when the lane closure is active.

Worker Presence Connected Vests

When workers wear Worker Presence Connected Vests, the work zone status automatically switches to “active” when workers enter pre-defined (WZDx) geofenced areas. This is a game changer to have real-time information on a site’s status. Wearing a connected vest can also automatically lower the speed limit when workers are present.

Other Connected Devices

Connected Arrow Boards for Smart Work Zones

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