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Critical Cold Season Safety Measures - Winches and Cables

It is essential to ensure cables are in good condition before deploying your units. Doing so can prevent accidents such as falling signs and snapping cables that can cause serious injuries.

Make sure to check for these six issues every time you are preparing to deploy:

1. Check the condition of the cable. You should see no corrosion, kinking or similar conditions. Replace any damaged cables before deploying the device.

Cables conditions

2. Check the bolts securing the cable to the winch. The cable should be firmly secured to the winch at all times. Ensure bolts are fastened tightly and in good condition.

Bolts securing cable to the winch

3. Be sure that the cable remains seated securely in the pulley and does not disengage. Do not deploy your device if there is any risk of the cable disengaging from the pulley. A disengaged cable will not function correctly and will wear out.

Cable seated in the pulley

4. Inspect the cable anchor for cracks, and make sure the bolt is tightened securely and intact.

Cable anchor

5. Make sure the winch’s mechanism is working correctly. Do you hear the ratchet? If the winch isn’t working, stop and look. Is it stuck, is the pin engaged? Is the cable loose? If there are issues with the mechanism, do not deploy the unit and contact support for assistance.

Cable winches

6. Ensure tension remains in the cable when letting go of the handle. The cable should be held in place without losing tension when you release the handle. Test that this is working properly before hoisting the sign.

Tension in cable

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