Temporary Traffic Signals

Manage traffic around your work zone safely and efficiently with our temporary traffic signals. Our models are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to adapt your traffic management plans to different contexts. Reliable and connected, they combine energy efficiency and quality manufacturing.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Do your temporary traffic signals need to be managed by specialized workers

Easily create your traffic management plans on our intuitive touchscreen controller and adapt them remotely with our JamLogic software. 

Are you lacking data to devise an effective traffic management plan for your work zone? 

Obtain reliable data from optional vehicle sensors on our smart traffic signals. 

Is traffic signal maintenance driving up your operating costs

Our traffic signals offer outstanding reliability and are designed to operate autonomously year-round 

Benefits for Your Business

Excellent Return on Investment

Excellent Return on Investment

Our highly durable portable traffic signals will lower operating costs while increasing efficiency.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Safety and Peace of Mind

Less maintenance and more responsive traffic management: Lessen your risks with our reliable equipment.

Better Productivity

Better Productivity

Free your workers from non-value-added tasks with our autonomous, easy-to-manage traffic signals.




Trailer-Mounted Traffic Signals

Reduce the risk of accidents by installing our trailer-mounted traffic signals at the start of your work zone, near a bridge or during an event. Advantages include a combination of solar panels and maintenance-free batteries, radio frequency communication technology and easy management via touchscreen or remotely.

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Made in Canada
Made in USA

EN 12966 - European certification