CT-2320-MWTrailer-Mounted Microwave Sensor

The CT-2320 comes with a microwave (RTMS) sensor that provides a perlane presence as well as volume, occupancy, speed and classification information in up to 12 user-defined detection zones. The CT-2320 also comes with a high-speed modem with GPS which allows to gather data remotely using our JamLogic® Software. The CT-2320 is the perfect equipment to integrate to your smart work zone project or for your traffic studies.


  • 20’ mast - Rotates 360 degrees and retracts for easy transport
  • Tilt and Rotate Solar Panels - Maximizes solar re-charging and increase battery life
  • Environmentally friendly - No generator, noise and pollution
  • Compact Design - Deploy in 10 minutes and is easy to tow and store
  • Wireless Communication - Remote monitoring from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Accepts microwave or doppler sensor - Ready to be installed


CT-2320 comes with Ver-Mac’s high-speed modem with GPS to maximize your productivity, efficiency, and profitability – all remotely from your office or home!
  • View your equipment in a list and GPS map view
  • Get an Interactive list and map view
  • View speed data on a single screen
  • Generate speed data graphs (export to Excel)
  • Get communication status and battery voltages
  • Integrate with PCMS and cameras


  • Powder coating superior finish - Impact, humidity, salt spray and rust resistant
  • 4 leveling jacks - For stabilization and easy transportation
  • Manual lift mechanism - For quick deployment
  • Heavy duty plastic fenders - For durability
  • Plastic battery boxes - To minimize battery corrosion
  • Lockable control box - For security


  • Overall length: 163 in (4141 mm)
  • Operating width: 99 in (2515 mm)
  • Operating height: 263 in (6668 mm)
  • Travelling height: 59 in (1503 mm)
  • Travelling width: 84 in (2133 mm)


  • Traffic Sensor (various models available)
Other options are available to meet your needs


  • 1-year warranty on complete trailers
  • 2-year warranty on electronic components manufactured by Ver-Mac