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Mobile Surveillance Cameras

Make your work zone more secure with our surveillance cameras. Featuring a telescopic mast and compact design, our models are easy to install and can be managed remotely.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Having issues with theft or breakage in your work zones?

Make your work zone more secure with several camera models that will meet your surveillance needs

Having trouble finding a surveillance camera that’s right for your project

Our versatile surveillance cameras adapt to most desired power configurations and mast heights.

Need to manage your surveillance camera remotely?

Our cameras are equipped with our JamLogic software, allowing you to adjust your camera and view images remotely anytime.

Benefits for Your Business

Greater Security

Greater Security

Keep a watchful eye on your work zone or the area to monitor from wherever you are.

Highly Adaptable

Highly Adaptable

Rely on a high-performance, versatile and sturdy monitoring tool suitable for all types of work zones.

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Our trailer-mounted cameras are managed remotely for greater responsiveness and easier interventions.




Trailer-Mounted Surveillance Cameras

Our solar-powered, trailer-mounted surveillance cameras are ideal for your work zones or outdoor events. Height-adjustable and easy to use, they provide optimal performance.

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EN 12966 - European certification