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November 17, 2021

Ver-Mac’s New Vision & Mission

Founded in 1957, Ver-Mac is constantly evolving. Over the past few years, we have experienced strong growth, welcomed several new talents to the Ver-Mac family and our products are constantly moving forward as new technologies develop.

We’ve also undertaken an in-depth strategic thinking exercise. Who is Ver-Mac today, in 2021, and which direction we wish to take in the years to come?

Today, the Ver-Mac team is unveiling the fruit of this exercise: our new vision and mission statements.

Our Vision

Our vision

A world where Ver-Mac's innovative technology makes our roads safer for drivers & workers

We want to have a positive impact on society by improving road safety and contributing to saving lives. This drives us to constantly innovate and put the highest-performing products on the road.

Our Mission

Our mission

Ver-Mac creates innovative Work Zone Safety solutions by generating and sharing real-time information through connected technologies

The future is connected, and road safety is no exception! Our JamLogic software provides real-time traffic information and allows remote fleet management. Many of our products are connected also to Waze, informing motorists of the presence of work zones, and helping to protect the lives of workers and drivers.

And it's just the beginning! The future will be marked by data sharing and we want to remain among our industry's forerunners. Ver-Mac continues to innovate by developing state-of-the-art products to make roads safer.