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March 28, 2022

Ver-Mac Launches Customer Experience

Ver-Mac has begun a new chapter – one strongly focused on the Customer Experience. Over the years, a lot of effort has been put into offering a great experience via our products, making sure they are cutting-edge, durable and user-friendly.

We now strive to offer our partners the same level of excellence through their Customer Experience. Whether when contacting our team or via product delivery, we want to offer an outstanding experience every step of the way.

Customer experience

A Dedicated Initiative to Customer Experience

Traditionally, Customer Experience is not always a central part of our industry, and we want to change that. As such, Ver-Mac has created a Customer Experience initiative committed to delivering next-level services. This team will be responsiblefor studying the voice of the customer. Based on collected data and feedback, they will have the authority to implement changes in areas where they’ve identified possible improvements.

A First Step

We started sending surveys in February to take the pulse of customers’ satisfaction. This step is a crucial one, as it will allow us to identify areas of possible improvements, as well as our strengths, which are essential to understand!

Trends and Impacts

Most importantly, we want to act based on specific events and identified trends. We know it’s not always easy to implement changes in an organization, so it’s important to make sure we focus our energy in crucial areas, based on customer feedback.

If you have any questions on Customer Experience or have any feedback on your experience, please reach out at: