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February 1, 2018

Ver-Mac launched 5 new products at the ATSSA Traffic Expo 2018

ATSSA 2018 was a very well attended show for Ver-Mac. This year, Ver-Mac introduced 5 new products in its Innovation Showcase space.

Innovation Showcase

Take a look at the new products that we launched:

Target Light

The PTL-1000: Ver-Mac’s PTL-1000 is a compact, battery-powered portable target light. The PTL-1000 features Ver-Mac’s exclusive Nightbrite Technology, which provides a brighter, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective lighting system. The system is quick and easy to set up and does not require a diesel generator to power. Equipped with high-performance lithium batteries and fast-charging system, the PTL-1000 will perform night after night. The system is ideal for short term on and off-road construction and utility projects, presence lighting, flagging operations, special events, and emergency service applications.


Presence Light

The PPL-1000: Ver-Mac’s PPL-1000 is a compact, battery-powered portable presence light. Presence lighting allows the motoring public to visually see from a distance an upcoming nightime lane closure. The system is quick and easy to set up and does not require a diesel generator to power. Equipped with high-performance lithium batteries and fast-charging system, the PPL-1000 will perform night after night. The presence of lighting reduces motorist's speed, approching and through the work zone, increasing safety for motorists and workers.



The PSLT-4000S: Ver-Mac’s PSLT-4000S is a compact and powerful portable solar light tower that is cost-effective and has a great return on investment. Visually, it is as bright, effective, and compact as conventional diesel light towers, without costing thousands of dollars every year in fuel and labor. The PSLT-4000S features 4 LED lamps with Ver-Mac’s exclusive Nightbrite technology, which provides a brighter and more environmentally-friendly lighting system. The PSLT-4000S is ideal for lighting construction work zones, parking lots, special events, emergency response, and oil and mining applications.



The SP-3248V SpeedCam: Ver-Mac’s SP-3248V SpeedCam system is designed to automatically capture a picture of a speeding vehicle, along with its speed and license plate number. Combined with Ver-Mac’s speed awareness trailer and Ver-Mac’s SpeedLog software, the SpeedCam is a cost-effective alternative to other automated license plate recognition (ALPR) systems. The SP-3248V SpeedCam is the ideal speed enforcement tool for mining, oil, utility, and many other private applications that have recurrent speeding problems.


Speed-Mac VP

Speed-Mac VP: Ver-Mac’s Speed-Mac VP is a patent-pending design that combines the Speed-Mac 2.0 with vertical solar panel. It can be easily set up by one person and will operate all season without recharging in most applications. The Speed-Mac VP is the only autonomous NCHRP 350 tested and approved device on the market. Our Speed-Mac is a portable radar sensor designed to provide speed data for traffic studies and smart work zones. The innovative design of packaging the components in a standard barricade light allows the user to attach the Speed-Mac to any traffic control device. Combined with our exclusive JamLogic software, the Speed-Mac provides a very robust but low-cost speed data gathering system.


Ver-Mac also launched a new product a couple of months ago that really peaked the people's curiosity.

The WZMC-1000: Ver-Mac's WZMC-1000 is a fully-automated cloud-based work zone management camera system that allows contractors and agencies to document their projects. This easy-to-use, low-cost system provides the users with high-quality videos, automatic video transfer, cloud-based storage, quick access to video storage, and easy download of videos. The WZMC-1000 system provides documentation that projects are set up correctly, device counts are accurate, and provides a history of completed activities with a record of dates and time.



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