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January 9, 2023

Ver-Mac employees unite to raise $80,000 for the United Way

Ver-Mac has been supporting the United Way for four years, and every year, our team shows renewed energy and generosity to help our community. We are proud to have reached a new height this year by raising $80 000 for the organization!

Ever-growing needs

While the pandemic has exacerbated social inequalities, today’s rampant inflation is putting unprecedented pressure on everyone, particularly those in precarious financial situations. Food banks have never been so in demand, and many are struggling to make ends meet.

The United Way: leaving no one behind

The challenges are many: difficulty getting food on the table, homelessness, persevering through school, domestic violence, and social isolation... The United Way works to leave no one behind by supporting 215 different local organizations. Supporting The United Way means helping to build a stronger social safety net for everyone.

Andrée Dumas, co-president

The 2022 campaign was particularly special for us since our General Manager, Andrée Dumas, was co-chair of our local United Way campaign. This cause has always been important to her. As highlighted by The United Way: "For this dedicated volunteer, the social fabric woven by the community is certainly what makes the difference between a society that takes care of others and one that leaves people behind."

Caring for our community

One of Ver-Mac’s core values is caring, and this value has been at the heart of our motivation to collectively raise this unprecedented amount. Our Human Resources team has carried the campaign from start to finish, ambassadors have led the campaign across departments, and all donors made a difference with their generosity. Ver-Mac’s co-presidents, Sandra-Lee and Whitney Richardson, have generously matched the amount raised, allowing our donation to be twice as impactful. We are proud to have seen our teams mobilize like never before to support the United Way. Congratulations to all and thanks for your generosity!!

Ver-Mac company values

Supporting The United Way

If you wish to support the United Way, please visit their website.