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March 31, 2022

Minor product improvements

The following minor improvements were recently made to our products.

Connection to Waze – Free Trial

Connection to Waze will be offered free of charge for two years from the purchase date. Customers will be able to communicate work zone information (i.e.: speed limit, lane merge) directly to motorists via Waze.

This free trial will allow customers to benefit from this service and see if they wish to keep it in the long run.

Waze-Enabled Products:
  • Speed Wizard: SP-3248 DSL
  • Work Zone Digital Speed Trailer: SP-710-DSL
  • All Arrow Boards equipped with Smart Option Module Kit
  • Work Zone Location Marker (WZLM)

Contact your sales manager to find out how to enroll for it and how to use this feature.

connected to waze

Improved Flagger-Mac Remote-Control Holder

This improvement offers better support for the Flagger Mac’s remote control. Previously held solely with VELCRO, it would sometimes have less grip over time, affecting its efficiency. The new support holds the remote control securely with its edges, in addition to VELCRO on top. Retrofit kits are available.

Impacted product: Flagger-Mac

remote control holder

Stronger Pin

Following tests and customer feedback, it was determined that the existing pin needed to be replaced by a stronger one. A new, sturdier pin will now be used. To accommodate this new pin, the part that is welded to the post will also change, as well as the “horseshoe” part containing the holes to insert the pin.

The use of the brake will change slightly, as the pin will now be inserted manually through the top, instead of released from below. Retrofit kits are available.

Impacted Products:
  • Arrow Boards: ST-4815, ST-4825, ST-4815-O
  • Speed Signs: SP-710V, SP-715V, SP-3248V
  • Portable Changeable Message Signs: PCMS-320 (US model), PCMS-4880 (US model), PCMS-548, PCMS-3812
  • Various Sensor Trailers

stronger pin

Rear Swivel Jack Option for Deployment on Slope

It is hard to deploy trailers with telepars on slopes. To remedy this, a rear swivel jack option has been created. This option can be requested at the time of purchase or as a service part later. Customers can install those on their trailers in minutes.

Rear telespars are replaced by jacks welded on tubes that are bolted in the telespar supports. This will make it easier to deploy units on a slope.

The back lights are also moved on the same support.

Impacted Products:
  • Portable Changeable Message Signs: PCMS-3812, PCMS-4880, PCMS-548, PCMS-548 Hydraulic (will be part of default design for this unit)
  • Speed Signs: SP-710V, SP-715V, SP-3248V

rear swivel jack