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December 11, 2020

Find out more about the Ver-Mac Automated Flaggers Assistance Device (FLAGGER-MAC)

The role of the traffic flaggers is to ensure the safety and fluidity of vehicle traffic around areas where road works are taking place. However, we also have to think about their safety.
Many government entities have made the use of Automated Flaggers Assistance Devices (AFAD) mandatory to protect flaggers from road traffic in work zones.
Given the increase in the number of accidents on road construction sites, the Quebec Ministry of Transport has implemented several measures, including the requirement to use automated flagger assistance devices.
Note that from 2017 to 2019, accidents on construction sites in the province resulted in 2,309 fatalities, and 70 of whom were road traffic flaggers. 

A flagger device is used to stop and move road users safely through work areas or construction sites.
It is an additional safety step in work zone security for your team and above all it allows flaggers to stay clear of traffic thanks to remote control.

The Ver-Mac automated flagger assistance device (AFAD) is an innovative concept that allows signalers to stay away from cars by remotely controlling traffic using a remote control and it is paired with safe break-away mechanism arm in the event of an impact with the AFAD. Their use greatly reduces the risk of accidents involving workers and motorists approaching work sites.

Main benefits of our AFAD:

• Easy to set up by one person (up and running in 10 minutes)
• Wireless remote control (flagger is away from traffic)
• 4 adjustable swivel jacks (for stabilization and easy transportation)
• Break-away mechanism in case of impact
• Tandem towing or nesting tandem (fuel and time saving)
• Autonomous during high season
• Meet provincial specifications

Check out our video that demonstrates the effectiveness of Ver-Mac AFAD:

For more details on the technical features of the product: click here