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April 1, 2021

Critical safety and maintenance for winches and cables when shifting from cold to high seasons

During the cold-weather months, you need to maintain your winches and cables regularly against seasonal wear. A quick routine inspection before use prevents serious safety and operational risks, including falling signs and snapping cables.

It is essential that you check your winches and cables for the following SEVEN ISSUES every time you are preparing to deploy.

1. Remove any ice from the winch before use. Buildup of ice on the winch can cause the cable to slip and lead to other malfunctions.

2. Check the condition of the cable. You should see no corrosion, kinking or similar conditions. Replace any damaged cables before deploying the device.

Cables conditions

3. Check the bolts securing the cable to the winch. The cable should be firmly secured to the winch at all times. Ensure bolts are fastened tightly and in good condition.

Bolt securing cable to the winch

4. Be sure that the cable remains seated securely in the pulley and does not disengage. Do not deploy your device if there is any risk of the cable disengaging from the pulley.

Cable seated securely in pulley

5. Inspect the cable anchor for cracks, and make sure the bolt is tightened securely and intact.

Inspect cable anchor

6. Test to see if you can hear the rachet while using the winch in cold weather. If you cannot hear it, the cold is creating an issue with the mechanism. Do not deploy the unit; contact support for assistance.

7. Ensure tension remains in the cable when letting go of the handle. The cable should be held in place without losing tension when you release the handle. Test that this is working properly before hoisting the sign.

Remain tension in cable

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