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April 19, 2021

Critical safety and maintenance for Storage and Transport when shifting from cold to high seasons

Ver-Mac machines are built for the road, and we design them for easy and convenient transport. However, as with transporting any equipment by vehicle, there are vital precautions you must take both before you set out and while you are on the road.

It is essential that you observe the following NINE GUIDELINES whenever you are transporting your equipment.

1. Check the unit's welding for cracks or signs of rust. These can cause key parts to fall or detach while en route, resulting in accidents.

cracks or sign of rust

2. Ensure all bolts are tight and pins are properly engaged to prevent parts from coming off during transport.

bolts tight

3. Inspect your unit's tires to make sure they have adequate pressure and are in good condition for the road, with all tire nuts present and securely fastened.

unit's tires

4. Torque lug nuts at 90-120 ft-lb (122-167 N.m.), in the correct order, following the appropriate star pattern sequence, until tight.

torque lug nuts

5. Check the condition of the axle hub. Be sure to bring it in for routine maintenance every 6 months or 5,600 mi / 9,000 km.

axle hub     axle hub

6. Never transport the unit with the sign in the open position. Always ensure the sign is sitting on the stands when transporting it to and from your site to avoid critical damage to your unit's welding.

transport unit   transport unit

7. If using an AFAD unit in cold weather, check the rubber diagonal rollers holding the break-away gate in place. The cold can harden these parts and compromise the break-away mechanism's proper functioning. They should be firm but slightly pliable. If they are too tight, we recommend using only 2 diagonal rollers instead of 4.

rubber diagonal rollers   rubber diagonal rollers

8. For units with a tandem hitch, never tow more than two units when using nested or tandem towing. Tow all AFAD pairs with separate vehicles.

tandem hitch afad

9. Always remove any loose objects from the trailer prior to transport. Never attempt to load any part of the trailer with other items or equipment.

 remove loose objects

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