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April 19, 2021

Critical safety and maintenance for hydraulic pumps when shifting from cold to high seasons

Hydraulic pumps raise and lower your signs on the mast. They are simple to use, but you must observe certain safety measures with each use to avoid an oil leak. Leaks can prevent the sign from being hoisted when you want to deploy; worse, they can prevent you from lowering the sign safely. Additionally, extreme cold weather can cause the oil to become viscous, jamming the system.

It is essential that you observe the following THREE GUIDELINES every time you are preparing to deploy.

1. Check for hydraulic oil coming from the reservoir and from the cylinder under the mast. This is a sign of an oil leak. Do not engage the pump without first correcting the oil leak.

  hydraulic pump     hydraulic pump

2. If an oil leak occurs when the sign is deployed and it becomes stuck, do not under any circumstances remove the pin holding up the sign. This will cause the sign to fall.

hydraulic pumps

3. If the sign is not moving when you engage the pump switch, stop. You need to engage the pump to fill the hydraulic cylinder. Remove the pin and fix the issue. If not, the sign will fall.

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