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April 21, 2021

Critical safety and maintenance for Axles and Suspension when shifting from cold to high seasons

Maintaining the integrity of your Ver-Mac equipment’s axles and suspension ensures structural stability and ease of transport, preventing serious accidents on the road and during deployment.

It is essential that you observe the following FIVE GUIDELINES to properly maintain the axles and suspension of your Ver-Mac equipment.

1. Check that the dust cap is present. If it is lost or damaged, order a new dust cap before transporting or deploying your unit.

  1. Clean the wheel bearing and add new grease by carefully removing the grease cups and interior components.
  2. Manually grease the bearing and repack the cups with grease, using 3.5 oz. per wheel (100 g). Refer to this document for the full procedure.
  3. When repacking wheel bearings, make sure that all the jacks are supporting the trailer, and the opposite wheel is blocked.

axle hub   

2. When replacing the dust cap, make sure it is clean. If not, follow the procedure outlined in step 1.

dust cap

3. Change the grease every 6 months or 5,600 mi (9,000 km), adding enough new grease that the old grease comes out. Failure to respect this guideline will void the manufacturer’s guarantee.

change grease

4. Check the lug nuts every 2,800 mi (4,500 km). If necessary, torque lug nuts at 90 120 ft lb (122 167 N.m.), in the correct order, following the appropriate star pattern sequence, until tight.

torque lug nuts

5. Always observe the recommended maximum towing speed of 90 km/h (55 mph) for a trailer-mounted Flagger-Mac moving to or from worksites, in transport mode only.

     maximum towing speed     maximum towing speed