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February 16, 2022

Batteries & Electronics

The batteries and electronic equipment in your units keep them running at peak performance and allow your devices to connect to the network. A quick routine inspection of your units’ batteries and electronics before deployment will help prevent malfunctions and the risk of fire.

Make sure you inspect your units’ batteries and electronics for the following four issues every time you are preparing to deploy.

1. Inspect all electronic equipment and batteries to make sure that there are no loose connections that could spark.

Electronics  control box

2. Check that there are no metal objects or debris in the battery box that can cause shocks and be fire hazards.

Metal object

TIP: If you need to temporarily remove any metal parts for maintenance (bolt or other), place it in your pocket, but NEVER lay it down in the battery box.

3. If maintenance is needed, NEVER touch the positive and negative battery poles at the same time: this can cause major shocks.


4. When checking the water level in batteries, always carefully follow the steps outlined in your user’s manual to avoid injuries caused by battery acid.

water levels

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