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August 9, 2023

Ver-Mac Presence Light Case Study Highlighted in ATSSA Signal Magazine

Presence light

Ver-Mac’s Presence Light, featured in the October, 2020 Edition of the ATSSA Signal Magazine, is one of six case studies that address work zone safety solutions.
As a concept, Presence lighting in a work zone aims to achieve three goals:

  • Supplements task lighting
  • Alert drivers to the presence of a work zone
  • Helps drivers see the roadway and any obstacles they should avoid

Presence lighting is specifically advised in areas where there is no task lighting, or where there is insufficient overhead lighting.

The case study points out that the most significant safety benefits ''is the documented reduction in average driver speed in work zones where presence lighting is deployed during nighttime road work.'' The case study, performed by North Carolina DOT, showed a 5.76 mph reduction in speeds entering an active work zone. Similar speed studies conducted in Michigan and Tennessee found that the average reduction of speed attributed to presence lighting ranged from 4.94mph to 7.25 mph.

Presence lighting is one of several Work Zone Safety & Mobility Solutions developed by Ver-Mac designed to reduce speeds and make work zones safer. Here’s a representation of how the multiple laywers of our system help secure a work zone.

Presence light application

*Author credit to ATSSA Signal Magazine

To view the article in ATSSA Signal Magazine, click here and scroll down to page 23.

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