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August 14, 2023

The Effectiveness of Variable Speed Limit Signs: Alaskan Study

Have you ever been frustrated to see work zone speed reduction static signs and realized that there were no construction at all? That is why the concept of using Portable Variable Speed Limit Signs makes so much sense!

Here is an example of how the portable variable speed limit signs can be used:

Work zone speed signs

Here are 5 facts from the study that proves the efficiency of using VSL signs:

  1. Based upon past research studies, the VSL system has proven to be effective compared to using static speed limits; which are sometimes not credible for the motorists because they cannot reflect up-to-date roadway conditions, traffic flow conditions, and construction activities.
  2. Implementation of VSL in the construction work zones not only decrease the speed and delay but also improve the traffic flow efficiency.
  3. The data collected in Lansing, Michigan of a VSL system placed in a work zone proven to be effective as by increasing the speed limit compliance, increase the credibility of the speed limits, improve safety, and improve traffic flow in the work zones.
  4. The presence of a dynamic speed limit VSL system in work zone environment alerts drivers to follow the speed limit and ensure safety more effectively and efficiently than a static speed limit.
  5. Similar research studies in Canada, installing VSL device in work zones proved to be effective in reducing the mean speed between 7.8 km/h to 11.6 km/h (7.2 mph).

Ver-Mac manufactures portable variable speed limit signs. Contractors can create a predefined schedule or manually change/manage speeds with their smartphones or using JamLogic Web. Sensors can also be added to supplement Queue Warning or Dynamic Merge Smart Work Zones.

To view the full study, click here.

Take a look at our Portable Work Zone Variable Speed Limit Trailer here.

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