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August 10, 2023

Study on the Impact of Lighting Towers Used with Speed Signs

A Joint Effort to Improve Safety

NCDOT just released the first “white paper” case study report on the Presence Light and Digital Speed limit Trailer Concept.  This concept was developed by NCDOT & Ver-Mac as a joint effort to improve safety in work zones.  Ver-Mac has conducted 20 Presence Light & Digital Speed Limit Trailer demos across 16 different states.  NCDOT conducted their own independent study.

Using Presence Lights and Speed Signs as a System

NCDOT’S STATE WORK ZONE ENGINEER Steve Kite issued the following statement regarding the states use of presence lighting and digital speed limit trailers to reduce incidents in work zones:

“The Work Zone Presence Light/Digital Speed Limit Sign initiative is designed as a “system” to create more visibility during night-time construction as well as have a better device for indicating the work zone speed for the present condition. On the approach to the work zone, motorists need to recognize that work is taking place in front of them and the most effective method of doing this is by using portable lighting. In addition, we also want them to know when we’re working behind lane closures, there is a reduced speed limit through the entire active work area and the digital speed limit signs give us the ability to sign it accordingly.”  

“When used in concert with one another, we believe they are effective are tackling distracted/drowsy and hypnotic drivers. It’s our goal to alert these types of drivers in advance of the lane closures that work is taking place as well as the speed limit they should be traveling at the approach as well as through the work zone.” 

“This additional lighting provides more illuminated areas where traffic control workers, as well as other subcontractors, may be working outside of the main construction crews.
When used appropriately, it’s our belief that we’ll be able to train the motorists to recognize these devices and to gain their trust that we’re working and to be more alert and to follow the speeds displayed on our digital speed limit devices.”

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