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August 7, 2023

Discovering Ver-Mac’s Customer Experience Initiative

Did you know that Ver-Mac has a Customer Experience team since 2022? We talked with Scott McBain, VP of Customer Experience, to find out more about this initiative and what led him to this role. Here’s what we learned.

The Path to Becoming VP of Customer Experience

Scott’s Ver-Mac journey began over 20 years ago in technical support. He then moved to a manager position and a decade later, became Director of Customer Support. Having an in-depth knowledge of the products, company and processes after two decades at Ver-Mac, he was a natural fit to lead Customer Experience.

What is the difference between Customer Support and Customer Experience?

They do sound quite similar, but there is a difference. Scott McBain explains: “Customer Support usually provides after-sales service. Customer Experience encompasses every contact a customer has with the company, whether through reaching out to sales, receiving an invoice from accounting, talking with our team for technical support or other.”

Costumer experience

Why has Ver-Mac Launched this?

It’s a combination of vision and today’s technology. Scott McBain: “Ver-Mac’s vision is to offer value through all the services we offer, not solely through our products. We want to make Ver-Mac a more customer-centric company across the board.” As such, Customer Experience deals with every department to help improve and fine-tune the customer experience at every touchpoint.

So, what is the link with technology? “Today, technology is evolving and moving very quickly. Staying on top of these dynamic changes can improve the customer experience. For example, technology can offer customers the ability to see their order’s status, access a personalized customer portal, or benefit from online training. Customers now look for speed, ease, and personalization.”

We hope our customers will enjoy their always-improving Customer Experience.

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