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August 14, 2023

A Modern Working Environment For Ver-Mac Employees

Quebec Offices

We are proud to offer a modern, open and luminous workspace for our R&D, IT, production launch, production engineering, purchasing, customer service, and repair teams.

Renovated in 2020, the open work areas are designed to promote a collaborative and dynamic way of working. In addition to the 50 open workstations, closed offices, brainstorming spaces, a relaxation area, and acoustic rooms have been designed to meet all daily tasks easily and pleasantly.

Fully configurable conference rooms with state-of-the-art telecommunications systems meet the needs of our management committees and virtual meetings with colleagues from our other plant in Conroe, Texas. Bright and modern, the new cafeteria and coffee area complete the second floor.

This $2 million project was made possible thanks to the collaboration of several partners. Créatech, Ronam, ABCP…, MBH…, Artopex, Humanscale listened to our needs and supported us throughout the renovation stages.
Our colleagues have been working in these beautifully redesigned spaces since December 2020.



An Inviting Cafeteria  

Our second cafeteria has been completely renovated, offering a luminous setting for more enjoyable meals and break times.

This functional space is inviting and tastefully decorated. The redesigned cafeteria was enthusiastically inaugurated in September 2022.