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Portable Message Boards & Signs

Traffic Management Products

Energy efficient, long-lasting, simple to use and easy to maintain, Ver-Mac Portable Changeable Message Signs are among the most reliable on the market. Equipped with the Ver-Mac Hand-Held QuickStep controller, the V-Touch Graphic Touch Screen controller or with our exclusive JamLogic software + modem, operating them is as easy as pushing a couple of buttons.


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Work better, faster.
Every Ver-Mac Message Board can be equipped with a wireless modem that allows instant Internet or server access to all your signs and data.

Long-lasting design. Ver-Mac’s Portable Changeable Message Signs are designed to operate continuously for months and last for years with minimal maintenance.

Energy efficient.
Ver-Mac’s exclusive Opti Power Lens shines brighter and bolder, yet uses 35% less energy.

Easy-to-use controller.
The Ver-Mac Controllers are so easy to use, changing a message takes just a few seconds.

Quick, easy maintenance.
Ver-Mac “plug and play” components make maintenance quick, easy and cost-effective. In addition, with Ver-Mac’s 24/7 “Best in Industry” Technical Service, “downtime” becomes almost no time at all.

Jamlogic software.
Jamlogic is an automated, wireless, web-based application that integrates traffic data and field devices to provide real-time control and easy access to high-quality transportation data. It is the ideal tool for managing traffic… and moving people.

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